Hiring the right floral designer is kind of like any relationship. You want to make sure you hit it off, your personalities match, and you enjoy each other, but you also want to make sure their strong suits take care of all the stuff you don’t want to do.

I love to design, have a decade of experience managing intimate relationships and sensitive situations, and am more than happy to be that honest friend while also cheering you on like crazy.

genuine connection makes for genuinely beautiful designs.

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here's the part where you get to know me a bit better

Gardenias, paints, and music -- that’s pretty much how I found florals. Over the years, I’ve learned a few things: I love working with my hands, I’m a people person, I think floral design is my version of painting reincarnated, and tacos might be the perfect food.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my grandmother. She’d cut gardenias from her garden, placing them around the house, then she’d set me up with a stack of paper, paints, and colored pencils, and I’d draw away the hours.

Flash forward to college in Los Angeles. I studied art,  eventually switching to journalism because I couldn’t take someone telling me what to do and how to make something beautiful. Eventually, I found my way to a record label and after years in creative roles in the music industry, I’ve honed my interpersonal skills, dealing with bandmates and mental managers. I missed working with my hands, though, so I dove into floral design, discovering it’s the point between painting and people and I couldn’t love it more. 


Getting down with some wine, tacos and my family on the beach is my idea of a perfect day. My husband, dynamic twin duo and little pup Luna are what bring me joy (aside from flowers, of course).

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Travel and food are one of life's best combinations. I'm certain it provides healing powers - just like flowers. Italy is one of my most favorite places to do just that - eat and explore. The passion Italians have for food, gathering and taking it slow are what I strive for. In the mean time I'll settle for watching shows like Somebody Feed Phil, No Reservations (RIP Anthony Bourdain), Chef's Table and Ugly Delicious. 

No. 2


Live music at The Hollywood Bowl. I actually was fortunate enough to witness Tom Petty's last concert there. Nestled into that hillside in Hollywood under the sky, I'll find any excuse to go whether it be a legendary rock band or the Sound of Music Sing Along. Take. Me. With. You.

No. 3


Cooking for my friends and family. I get so inspired from my previous travels and binge watching cooking shows, I love to create in the kitchen. This might be my second favorite art form, because we all get to eat and be together once it's ready.

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"I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful Jen is as a person and as a florist. She has infectious positive energy, outrageous creative talent and an excitement to capture your vision and put it into florals."
- Jessica P.

"Urban MariGOLD. Jen's charisma and genuine joy shows in everything she does. She made all of my wedding flower dreams come true and exceeded all of my expectations! "
- Niki T.

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